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Ningbo naian industry and trade industrial co., LTD., founded in 1998, has a plant of more than 8800 square meters, and was approved in 2007 by its own import and export license, is through ISO9001 and 16949 enterprises. Since its establishment, the company has mainly provided customers with sheet metal parts, welding processing, electrophoresis processing, plastic spraying processing and paint spraying. Existing main equipment: plate shearing machine, bending machine, welding machine, hanging shot blasting machine, through shot blasting machine, manual sandblasting machine, hanging paint production line, hanging plastic spraying production line, hanging electrophoresis production line, large plastic spraying oven. And corresponding qualification personnel and quality testing equipment. The processing fields covered include textile machinery, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, automobile, electronics, power, etc. Now a complete industrial chain of metal processing, engineering contracting, metal coating and other aspects has been gradually formed, which is suitable for supporting and contracting industrial products.

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